CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. We have designed our program to elicit as broad an adaptational response as possible. CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of ten recognized fitness domains. They are Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

CrossFit is the most effective and efficient general fitness program in the world. We use constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity that delivers dramatic fitness results for crossfiters of all levels of skill and experience:

Constantly Varied: You will rarely do the same workout twice at High Point CrossFit. By doing something different every time you work out you keep the body guessing and eliminate plateaus and boredom common in traditional programs. Certain “benchmark” workouts, however, are repeated every 2-3 months to measure performance improvements.

Functional movements: Our goal is to prepare our athletes for life’s obstacles. We do that by using training that mimics life – running, jumping, throwing, squatting, pulling, pushing, lifting.

High intensity: Performing vigorous exercise in a high intensity way is the most effective way to elicit positive changes in performance and body composition. We do this by timing most of our workouts and completing them as fast as safely possible.

Crossfit is for all levels, all shapes, all sizes, all ages. The ability to scale the workout for any level is one of the reasons that the CrossFit program is so successful. Scalability allows athletes to gauge their progression by measuring the increase in weight/reps or decrease in time in repeated workouts. Scalability allows all athletes to workout together as one community, regardless of fitness level. Scalability also works in both directions. We scale down for newer crossfitters, injured crossfitters and whenever necessary. We scale up for crossfitters who need a more challenging workout in order to achieve optimal results. Classes are run by professional, crossfit-certified coaches who are committed to teaching proper technique, encouraging intensity, and maintaining class structure.

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