Membership at High Point CrossFit

CrossFit gym is a misnomer. CrossFit facilities provide training. CrossFit facilities are TRAINING facilities. Doing CrossFit requires a level and skill not seen in many “gyms.” CrossFit training is a substitute for personal training, not a general gym membership. The premise of training is the affiliate imparts skills and personal attention not seen outside of personal training. The price point for having a place to run on a treadmill versus training with a coach is vastly different.

At High Point CrossFit we believe in order to fully understand CrossFit and what it can do for you, a minimum of a 3 month commitment is required. You have the option to upgrade your membership at anytime. After the initial 3 months your current membership will automatically renew on a month to month basis. During month to month membership, you can non-renew your membership for any reason with a 7 day notice before the re-newel date.

Completing our Fundamentals Course is the first step prior to full membership enrollment. We like to work with you and small group setting to assure you build a good foundation. Contact us about bypassing this course if you have prior CrossFit experience.

Fundamentals Course

$75one time
  • Two Small Group Sessions
  • Develops the basics for success in CrossFit
  • Student and LEO Discounted Price – $50
  • 1 on 1 available for additional fee

Couples Unlimited

  • Attend Unlimited Classes Monthly
  • $215 for 3x a Week


  • Attend Unlimited Classes Monthly
  • Discount for Students and LEO

3x Per Week

  • Attend 3 Classes weekly
  • Discount for Students and LEO

10 Class Punchcard

  • No Contract or Commitment
  • Valid for 3 Months
  • Discount for Students and LEO

*Contact us for Student and LEO Discount pricing.*