Thank you to all of the wonderful members of High Point CrossFit and 336 CrossFit for your loyal support of our CrossFit Kids program. Because of your support, our CrossFit Kids program is growing by leaps and bounds and our youngest members are learning that fitness can be both functional and FUN!!. With this growth comes a few necessary changes. Going forward, children under the age of 7 that want to participate in CrossFit kids will need to be accompanied by an adult (or sibling over the age of 18). We are making this change to help ensure that all of our younger CrossFitters are safe and able to complete the WODs in the prescribed (or appropriately scaled manner). Also, if you are in class during kids class let us know so we can escort your child to the kids room until you have finished class. We want to make sure every kid stays safe.

A few more updates…… We will not have class on August 15th due to an in house competition.
Also, we are having a Crossfit Kids pool party, August 16th at Wallburg Pool from 7pm-9pm. It is for any family that has been a part of CrossFit kids this year.

High Point CrossFit – CrossFit

Back Squat (5×5, heavy as possible)

After each set of back squats immediately complete 3 high box jumps from a seated position.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 sets

30 sec – Front weighted plank

Rest 30 sec

30 sec max reps – one arm alternating DB snatch, moderate weight

Rest 30 sec

30 sec max reps – wall ball 30/20

Rest 1:30

* Score is snatches + WB

500 m Row rest 90 sec 500 m Row (Time)

Score is slowest time