Brendan Lynott

I discovered CrossFit in January 2010 while on a search to fill a void left from years of sports and collegiate rugby. It was love at first WOD as I immediately found that CrossFit allowed me to have the competitive and physical outlet I was looking for. In August of 2010 I received my CrossFit Level 1 certification and began coaching at RedShed CrossFit in New Jersey. After moving to North Carolina to be with my wife Stacy, I immediately found myself involved in the Triad CrossFit community and continued to coach and compete. I also have a passion for seeing others find success through CrossFit programing. I have developed programs to prepare for a variety of goals including The CrossFit Games, Collegiate Athletics, Military Preparation and Police Physical Tests. Each day I am impressed by the strides that athletes make in the CrossFit gym, and have the pleasure of watching athletes meet new goals and accomplish things they never thought they could do. I enjoy being part of a community where abilities aside, we are all striving for a healthy and active lifestyle.


– CrossFit Level 3 Certified (CCFT)
– CrossFit Games Open & Regional Individual Competitor (Mid Atlantic), 2013
– Competed in the CrossFit Games, 2012
– Member of the Mid Atlantic Regional Affiliate Champs, 2012
– CrossFit Games Open & Regional Individual Competitor (Northeast), 2011

Josh Connor


– USAW Level 1 Sport Performance
– CPR/1st Aid/AED Certified

Josh’s birth location and date remain unknown. As a child he was found out in the wilderness fending for himself at the age of 4. Josh was fortunate to be taken in by a group of Tibetan monks on a retreat to New York City. Josh traveled back with them and under a vow of silence he trained for years to master Olympic Weightlifting. The harsh winters could do nothing to prevent his conquest, it only sharpened his mental fortitude for his craft. Once Josh was able to out Snatch his caretakers he knew it was time to return to the United States. Josh has dedicated himself to training others with the same relentlessness that he was brought up on. He’s also a High Point Firefighter.