High Point CrossFit - CrossFitWeightliftingMetcon (3 Rounds for weight)40:00 Running Clock: - Back Squat 10-8-6-4-2 reps - Strict Press 10-8-6-4-2 reps - Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2 reps *Meant to be done working in teams of 2 or

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High Point CrossFit - CrossFitMetcon (Time)Conditioning "Mission Impossible" 3 Sets, Each for Time 9 Box Jumps 30/24'' 15/11 Cal Bike 15 Power Snatch 75/55#, 34/25kg 21/16 Cal Bike R: 3:00 b/s Goal: 3:00-3:30/Round Time Cap:

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High Point CrossFit - CrossFitMetconMetconRx: Metcon (Time)Rx "Ill Mill" 5 Rounds for Time (40:00 Cap): - 500m Row - 15 KBS (53/35) - 15 Push-Ups - 15 Wall Balls (20/14) - 15 Pull-Ups Partner Version:

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Blog Shortcode

Avada’s blog shortcode is truly amazing. This shortcode allows you to display your blog posts on any page you wish. It can purely be a blog page, or you can integrate it with other page content. Choose all 6 of our blog designs along with a plethora of options like displaying custom categories, hiding meta data, thumbnails, excerpt length, pagination, scrolling and more. This shortcode also allows you to build magazine style layouts, the possibilities are amazing!

View Blog Layouts From The Main Menu

This Blog Shortcode Is Truly Amazing

Choose From 6 Different Design Options

Each blog design can be used with a sidebar or without. Each instance has its own set of options for customization.

Blog Shortcode Give You Unlimited Blog Pages

Unlimited Use

With the blog shortcode, you can insert your posts on any page throughout your site. This allows you to have multiple blog pages, each with a unique design or with custom categories. Our advanced options allow you to specify certain categories to display, giving you control over what post show, and allowing you to build magazine type layouts.

Completely Loaded With Options For Customization!

Avada Admin

Number Of Posts

This option allows you to control the number of posts that will display with the blog shortcode.

Avada Admin


This option allows you to choose which category or categroies will display with the blog shortcode.

Avada Admin

Exclude Categories

This option allows you to easily exclude one or more categories. Perfect for those who have many.

Avada Admin

Post Excerpt

This option allows you to show a post excerpt or the full content of each blog post.

Avada Admin

Post Thumbnail

This option allows you to show or hide the blog post image that dispalys on each of your posts.

Avada Admin

Type of Scroll

This option allows you to choose infinite scroll, or classic numerical pagination for your posts.

Avada Admin

Pagination Type

This option allows you to choose if pagination will display for navigating through posts.

Avada Admin

Post Title

This option allows you to show or hide the blog post title that dispalys on each of your posts.

Avada Admin

Strip HTML

This option allows you to strip HTML from the post, which is perfect for when using excerpts.

Complete Control Over Meta Deta Display

Avada Admin

Each blog design offers meta data that displays with the post. The meta data includes the author name, date, post categories, post tags, read more link, comment icon and number of comments. Our expansive shortcode options give you full control to show or hide each of these meta data elements individually or collectively.

  • Show or hide all meta info with one easyoption.
  • Show or hide the author of the post.
  • Show or hide the individual post categories.
  • Show or hide the comment icon and number.
  • Show or hide the date of the post.
  • Show or hide the Read More link with icon arrow.
  • Show or hide the tags of the post.

Blog Grid Layout Column Options!

The grid design allows you to choose the column width giving you more control over the layout. Choose between 2, 3 or 4 columns and the design will automatically adapt to fill the area giving you a beautiful design.

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