July 4th weekend schedule
– We will be doing a Hero WOD at High Point CrossFit. You can come anytime between 8 – 11 am. See you then.
– CrossFit Kids is canceled on the 4th.

High Point CrossFit – CrossFit

Partner Banded Running (No Measure)

400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run
4 sets of a 400 meter run with a 2 min rest between each. Score is slowest run.

Metcon (No Measure)

16 min EMOM

1st – 10 DB split squat right leg

2nd – 10 DB split squat left leg

3rd – 15 sec L sit from pull up bar or 30 sec hollow rock

4th – 10 per side Slam ball rotational throws

* Rear foot elevated on split squats.