“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is an age old proverb that still rings true today. When I hear this I feel overwhelmingly inclined to teach all of you how to play the “Fish Game” on the Concept2 Rowing Machines. This game has been around for years prepackaged into Concept2 rowers, but I have recently dusted it off and taken it to a new level. Inside the gym we’ve developed some highly competitive showdowns over the last few weeks.

The Fish Game is a fun game played on the rowing machine, it involves changing pace to get your fish to move up and down on the screen. Moving the Fish up and down the screen you want to eat the smaller fish and avoid being eaten by the large fish. The game lasts for 4 minutes, and you want to have the highest score as possible.

Advanced Scoring:
We have developed a new super hi-tech scoring system. Total Score = Points + Meters Rowed. The Gold Standard is a 3,000pt performance.
A 2,000pt performance, accompanied by a 1,000m row, puts you in the 20/10 Club. This rare club currently has 3 members, and is accepting applicants. In an effort for gender equality (take a hint, Augusta), a female score of 2000/800 will put you in the club.

Tips from an Experienced Angler:
–Try not to spend too much time at the extreme bottom or top of screen. Sometimes at the extremes the fish will get stuck and be a bit less responsive.
—Small fish are work 30pts, medium fish are worth 60pts, and being eaten is worth -45pts, so don’t be afraid to stare death in the face to cash in on a medium fish, your score will still be net positive.
—You eat fish and are eaten by being hit straight on. Once the mouth of a large fish is passed you feel free to move up or down freely. Contacting them on the side will not effect you.

Happy Fishing!

Current Gym Tops Scores:
Points: 2535
Total: 3511

Let me know if you top these scores, or I need to setup an induction ceremony into the 20/10 Club!